A pretty serious group posing in front of
the Astoria Bar on 1st St. in Raymond, WA

by Mary Garvey
Sung by Mary Garvey

Down in old Big Red's Saloon
They're singing a far different tune
And it's sung by the loggers standing idle at noon
Down at old Big Red's Saloon

Singing goodbye to the deer and the old spotted owl
We'll have one last beer and throw in the towel
Pack up the pickup and go on the prowl
For work we're unlikely to find

In their big red suspenders and red flannel caps
They wait for the beer to gush out of the taps
And are thinking that someday maybe perhaps
They'll come back to old Big Red's Saloon

Some will head east and some will head west
Leaving the countryside they love the best
How quickly it happened they'd never have guessed
Playing darts in old Big Red's Saloon

So they'll keep all the promise and trust in their luck
If times don't get better they'll sleep in the truck
And do what they have to hustle a buck
Thinking back to old Big Red's Saloon