"A Mermaid" by John William Waterhouse, 1901







Sung by Stan James
Live recording of Stan singing with 'The Halibuts'
(Stan James, Al Hirsch, Jon Pfaff)
at Ivar Haglund's Seattle restaurant.

Stan's signature song, sung in his unique way.

A bold and daring skin-diver
Went down to the bottom of the sea.
And there he met a sweet mermaid
As cute as she could be.
The moment that he saw her
'Twas love beyond a doubt.
But, when he tried to tell her so,
This is what came out.

chorus: I love you. I love you.
He gurgled tenderly.
I love you. I love you.
Please say that you love me.

The bold and daring skin-diver,
He tried to hold her hand.
She swished her tail and swam away,
She did not understand.
He wooed her and pursued
Across the ocean floor.
She said you will not hook me, sir,
I've heard that line before. (chorus)

He chased her and the mermaid hid
Within a cave so dark.
She did not know behind a rock
There lurked a killer shark.
Shark was heading for her,
Her chances sure looked slim.
But the skin-diver, he saved her,
So she gave her heart to him. (chorus)

Now the skin-diver and mermaid
Go together every where.
Except for once an hour when
He must come up for air.
Although their lives be different,
True love will find a way.
And every night you're on the beach
You will hear them sing. (chorus)

Pacific Nothwest Folklore Society