Sung by Susy McAleer
Recorded on "Songs of the Pacific Northwest"

Don't you marry a Southern girl, magnolias in her hair
Who doesn't know a sockeye from a big-mouth bass,
And doesn't even care,
But marry a girl who can bait a hook
And knows just how to swear
Who'll stand straight up on her two webbed feet,
And treat you fair and square!

A Northwest gal can swat a flea, or shoot a bear,
Or chop a tree. She's got webbed feet like you and me,
She's the mate for you, my son!

Don't marry a college girl, with education fine,
For every time you catch a fish,
she'll moan and start cryn'.
But marry a gal with a strong right arm,
Who can wield a club of pine
And snash that fish right between his eyes,
Each and every time.

Don't you marry an Eastern girl,
With skin of peaches and cream.
For the ocean wind will bleach it white,
And the mold will turn it green.
But marry a lass with seaweed hair,
who's muscled long and lean,
With a skin line fine old leather,
Tanned, and a gaze so straight and keen!

Pacific Nothwest Folklore Society