Washaway Beach (near Tokeland, WA) - Sanderlings Running From Waves

Washaway Beach
by Mary Garvey
Sung by Mary Garvey

Washaway Beach on Cape Shoalwater has been eroding
an average of 100 feet per year for a century.
It has the most rapid erosion on the US Pacific coast.

Chorus: For time and the tides are taking a toll
On the beach and the jetty the shore and the shoal
And the weary old waves they just rock and they roll
And wash me away in the morning

I live in a land they call Washaway Beach
Where cranberries grow and the sandpipers screech
But the land keeps washing away from my reach
Oh wash me away in the morning

If you wash away sand you can wash away grief
And cleanse me of memories past all belief
At very long last I will get some relief
Oh wash me away in the morning

Wash every enemy wash every friend
Give us the peace where the peace has no end
What war tore asunder let nature now mend
Oh wash me away in the morning

The sea washed away and the sea can rebuild
And wash all the places where blood has been spilled
My heart has been broken my heart will be filled
Oh wash me away in the morning

Pacific Nothwest Folklore Society