Mount Rainier National Park Photo © Dave Turner

(C)1978 by Joseph Vinikow and Glenn Arthur Hughes
Sung by Linda Allen and Rainy Camp Chorus

Recorded on "Songs of the Pacific Northwest"

Washington, Washington
Come to the land of the rhododendron
We got the geoduck and the mountain range
The aplet and the cotlet* and the hydroplane

Over the mountains and the waters blue
The founding fathers and the mothers too
Singing, "Soon as we get off the trail
We gonna build us a zoo and a monorail." (CHORUS)

They built a great rotunda
Everybody got under
The founding fathers with vision clear
Named it after their favorite beer (CHORUS)

A major portion, to say the least
Of our fair state lies to the east
A substantial peninsula to the west
Completes the state that we love best (CHORUS)

A land devoid of the alligator
No tsetse fly and no tornado
No pyramid, no Irish stew
Whatever you got, we don't want it too (CHORUS)

A land devoid of the mango tree
Flamingo or dingo and killer bee
No pesky sunshine to spoil the view
Whatever you want, we don't got it too (CHORUS)

Tag: South of the border, down Washington way (repeat)

Pacific Nothwest Folklore Society