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Walt Robertson "Dean of Northwest Folksingers"
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The Pacific Northwest Folklore Society was founded by Walt Robertson and friends in 1953 in the University District of Seattle. The Society is devoted to the understanding and development of the folklore of this area. Collection, study, preservation, publication, and performance are all aspects of the Society's activities. The people of the Pacific Northwest are heir to a rich heritage of legend, song, dance, and other forms of lore. This study greatly aids the understanding not only of ourselves, but of our forebears and the land from which they sprung.


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Some Past Performances
Sponsored by PNWFS
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Horse Crazy Cowgirl Band
at Couth Buzzard, 6/10/16

Piper Stock Hill at Couth Buzzard - 5/13/16

Claudia Schmidt at Couth Buzzard, 4/17/16

Morgan & Graves at Couth Buzard, 4/8/16

Drunken Maidens at Couth Buzzard, 3/11/16

Pinniped at the Couth Buzzard, 2/12/16

Avery Hill at the Couth Buzzard, 1/8/16

Quickdraw at Couth Buzzard, 12/11/15

Canote Brothers, Couth Buzzard, 11/13/15

Canote Brothers at Everett Library, 11/8/15

Hank&Claire at Couth Buzzard, 10/9/15

JW McClure with Thaddeus Spae
at the Everett Public Library, 9/13/15

Sarah Comer with Stuart Williams and
Terry Wergeland at Couth Buzzard, 9/11/15

Piper Stock Hill at Couth Buzzard, 7/10/15

Buskers' Night - Jeanne Towne, Hobbit & Hare,
Reggie Miles - Couth Buzzard, 6/12/15

Carolyn Cruso at Everett Library, 5/17/15

Dan Frechette & Laurel Thomsen
at Couth Buzzard, 5/14/15

John Elwood & Sally Burkhart
at Couth Buzzard, 5/8/15. Video

Claudia Schmidt at Couth Buzzard, 4/19/15

Hank & Claire, Everett Library, 4/19/15

Seumas Gagne at Couth Buzzard, 4/10/15

J.W. McClure & Thaddeus Spae
at Couth Buzzard, 3/13/15

Crònan at Couth Buzzard, 2/13/15

Musicians Showcase at Couth Buzzard, 1/9/15
Tina, Alice Howe, Drunken Maidens

Julie Mainstone with Kat Eggleston and
Wally Bell at Couth Buzzard, 12/12/14

Pint & Dale at Everett Library, 11/16/14

Small Potatoes at Couth Buzzard, 11/15/14

Adam Miller at Couth Buzzard, 11/14/14

Curtis & Loretta
at Couth Buzzard, 10/10/14

Kate MacLeod & Kat Eggleston
at Everett Public Library, 10/5/14

Kate MacLeod at the Couth Buzzard, 9/12/14

The Fire Inside at the Couth Buzard, 8/8/14

Salmonfeathers at Couth Buzzard, 7/11/14

Molly Bauckham at Couth Buzzard, 6/13/14

Squirrel Butter at the
Everett Public Library, 5/18/14

Piper Stock Hill at the
Couth Buzzard, 5/9/14

Dale Russ & Michael Saunders
at the Couth Buzzard, 4/11/14

Tania Opland & Mike Freeman
Everett Public Library, 3/23/14

The Quiet American at the
Couth Buzzard, 3/14/14
Watch videos here, here and here

Kate Power & Steve Einhorn
at Everett Public Library, 3/2/14
Watch some videos

Choroloco at Couth Buzard, 2/14/14

Steve Cheseborough at Couth Buzzard, 1/10/14

Reggie Miles at Couth Buzzard, 12/13/13

Max DeBernardi & Veronica Sbergia
at Couth Buzzard, 11/8/13;
watch videos here and here

Sarah Comer & David Cahn
at Everett Public Library, 10/20/13

Carolyn Cruso at Couth Buzzard, 10/11/13

Dan Levenson at Couth Buzzard, 10/3/13

Underground Swing at Couth Buzzard, 9/13/13

Hank & Claire at Couth Buzzard, 8/9/13

Low Tide Drifters at Couth Buzzard, 7/12/13

Mary Flower at Couth Buzzard, 6/14/13

Pretty Little Feet at Everett Library, 5/19/13

Martha Gallagher at Couth Buzzard, 5/12/13

Murph & Middaugh at Couth Buzzard, 4/12/13

Small Potatoes at Couth Buzzard, 3/8/13

Morgan & Graves at Couth Buzzard, 2/8/13

Tania Opland & Mike Freeman at
Everett Public Library, 1/27/13

Choro Tocando at Couth Buzzard, 1/11/13

Aaron Keim at Couth Buzzard, 12/14/12

Jaspar Lepak at Couth Buzzard, 11/9/12, video

Bob Nelson at Everett Public Library, 11/4/12, video

Sarah Comer & Bill Meyer
at the Everett Public Library, 10/28/12

Debra Cowan at the Couth, 10/5/12

The Wanderers at
Everett Public Library, 9/23/12

Curtis & Loretta at the Couth, 9/14/12

Eleanor Ellis at the Couth, 8/10/12

Pretty Little Feet at the Couth, 7/13/12

Alice Stuart at the Couth, 6/8/12

Squirrel Butter at Everett
Public Library, 5/20/12

Heidi Muller at Couth, 5/11/12

Reggie Miles, Bob Nelson, John Weiss
at Everett Public Library, 4/22/12

Canote Brothers at Couth Buzzard, 4/13/12

Tania Opland at Everett Library, 3/25/12

Underground Swing
Underground Swing
at Couth Buzzard, 3/9/12

Molly Bauckham
at Couth Buzzard, 2/10/12, videos

Kate MacLeod & Kat Eggleston
Couth Buzzard, 1/13/12

Lindsay Street at Couth Buzzard, 12/9/11, videos

Choroloco at Couth Buzzard, 11/11/11

Debra Cowan, House Concert, 11/4/11

Dana & Susan Robinson at
Couth Buzzard, 10/28/11

Bob Nelson & Stew Hendrickson
at the Couth Buzzard, 10/14/11

Eddie McGehee at the Couth Buzzard, 9/23/11

CathyBritell, William Limbach, Mike Greenleaf
at the Couth Buzzard, 9/9/11

Ginny Reilly, Couth Buzzard, 8/12/11

Low Tide Drifters, Couth Buzzard, 7/8/11, Videos

Jed Marum, Couth Buzzard, 6/24/11

Cafe Oy Vey, Couth Buzzard, 6/10/11

Rose Laughlin with Kat Eggleston
at the Couth Buzzard, 5/13/11, Videos

Reggie Miles at Everett Public Library,
4/17/11, videos

Gloria Darlings at Couth Buzzard, 4/8/11, videos

Pint & Dale at Everett Public Library, 3/20/11




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