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BOB NELSON – “Songs I Sing After Dark” 1. Cotton-Eyed Joe/I Come For To Sing; 2. John Hardy; 3. Ballad Of Billy The Kid; 4. Jessie James; 5. Delia's Gone; 6. The Old Settler; 7. Skamokawa Girl; 8. Little Old Log Cabin On My Claim; 9. The Housewife's Lament; 10. Cle Elum Girl; 11. The Star Of Bannack; 12. Louis; 13. Fare Thee Well My Own True Love; 14. Lady Mary; 15. Peter Emberly;16. Pirate Song; 17. Walker In The Snow; 18. The Little Land; 19. The Troubador Song (The Nightengale); 20. Warp And Reeling; 21. Mrs. MacDonald's Lament; 22. Last Letter Home; 23. The Song Of Wandering Aengus; 24. Cape Anne.



When Bob Nelson steps on stage,
the room comes alive with his songs and stories.
A vital performer, Bob shares his sixty years of song collecting,
as well as his knowledge and love of their histories.
His baritone voice and consummate guitar accompaniments
enthrall audiences, young and old.

You’ll hear tales of the sea, the cowboys,
the heroes and the hard cases.
You’ll hear of loves lost and loves found.
His large repertoire spans the globe
and brings new life to old songs.





I heard my first folksong when I was 13. For the next 9 years I built my repertoire of traditional folk songs, studied voice and honed my performing skills. My friend Don Firth and I had our six months of fame and fortune in the San Francisco Bay area in 1959 where we lived off our guitars and sang in the local clubs. We were more infamous than famous, and we’re still looking for our fortunes!

Over the years, while earning my living in the construction trade, I continued to collect my songs and build lifelong friendships with scores of fine folk musicians. I’ve met many of the best and they were good teachers.

Since my retirement four years ago, I have returned to my first love of folk music. Besides my own performing schedule, I have joined with Stew Hendrickson in re-vitalizing The Pacific Northwest Folklore Society. We are actively encouraging traditional leaning folk musicians in the area by providing regular concert venues.

Nine months ago I started my recording archive project. I have collected over 300 R/R tape recordings of various folk musicians. These are mostly recordings I made myself in various living rooms, hoots and concerts. In addition I have over 400 cassette recordings as well as my LP vinyl record collection. In my archiving I am digitizing these recording and documenting the backgrounds of each performer. It is my lifelong dream to locate a final repository where these musicians, and their music, will be freely accessed by the public.

Archiving the Pacific Northwest
Folk Sound - KSER Interview
with Bob Nelson & John Vallier