Past Performances

Some Past Performances Sponsored by PNWFS
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Bryan Bowers, Couth Buzzard, 2/14/20

Cronan, Couth Buzzard, 1/10/20

Rachel Nesvig & Brandon Vance, Couth  Buzzard, 12/13/19

KlapaDoWopella, Couth Buzzard, 11/18/19

Del Rey, Couth Buzzard. 10/11/19

Tango Cowboys, Couth Buzzard, 9/13/19

Lindsay Street, Couth Buzzard, 7/12/19

Claudia Schmidt, Couth Buzzard, 6/9/19

Stewart Hendrickson & Ken Barroga, Couth Buzzard, 5/10/19

Ken Waldman, Couth Buzzard, 3/22/19

Bryan Bowers, Couth Buzzard, 3/8/19

Hank & Claire – Pete Seeger, Couth Buzzard, 1/11/19

Alex Sturbaum, Couth Buzzard, 12/14/18

Rachel Nesvig & Brandon Vance, Couth Buzzard, 11/16/18

Kate Power & Steve Einhorn, Couth Buzzard, 10/12/18

Curtis & Loretta, Couth Buzzard, 9/14/18

Hank & Claire, Couth Buzzard, 7/13/18

Pinniped, Couth Buzzard, 6/8/18

Claudia Schmidt, Couth Buzzard, 5/13/18

Heidi Muller & Bob Webb, Couth Buzzard, 4/13/18

Jocelyn Pettit, Couth Buzzard, 3/9/18

Jaspar Lepak, Couth Buzzard, 12/8/17

Carolyn Cruso, Couth Buzzard, 11/10/17

Rick Fogel, Couth Buzzard, 10/13/17

Stanley & Kip Greenthal, Couth Buzzard, 9/8/17

Murphy Middaugh Rideout, Couth Buzzard, 7/14/17

Brittany & Johnny, Couth Buzzard, 6/9/17

Lindsay Street, Couth Buzzard, 5/10

Claudia Schmidt at Couth Buzzard, 4/30/17

Cronan at Couth Buzzard, 4/14/17

Colleen Raney at Couth Buzzard, 3/31/17

David Ingerson at Couth Buzzard, 3/10/17
Molly Bauckham at Couth Buzzard, 2/10/17
Seumas Gagne at Couth Buzzard, 1/13/17
Jocelyn Pettit Band at Couth Buzzard, 11/11/16Kessler & Perasso at Couth Buzzard, 10/14/16Curtis & Loretta at Couth Buzzard, 9/9/16Saint September with Homebrew = Foggy Noggin Band at Couth Buzzard, 7/8/16Horse Crazy Cowgirl Band at Couth Buzzard, 6/10/16Piper Stock Hill at Couth Buzzard – 5/13/16Claudia Schmidt at Couth Buzzard, 4/17/16Morgan & Graves at Couth Buzard, 4/8/16Drunken Maidens at Couth Buzzard, 3/11/16Pinniped at the Couth Buzzard, 2/12/16Avery Hill at the Couth Buzzard, 1/8/16Quickdraw at Couth Buzzard, 12/11/15Canote Brothers, Couth Buzzard, 11/13/15Canote Brothers at Everett Library, 11/8/15Hank & Claire at Couth Buzzard, 10/9/15JW McClure with Thaddeus Spae at the Everett Public Library, 9/13/15Sarah Comer with Stuart Williams and Terry Wergeland at Couth Buzzard, 9/11/15Piper Stock Hill at Couth Buzzard, 7/10/15Buskers’ Night – Jeanne Towne, Hobbit & Hare, Reggie Miles – Couth Buzzard, 6/12/15Carolyn Cruso at Everett Library, 5/17/15Dan Frechette & Laurel Thomsen at Couth Buzzard, 5/14/15John Elwood & Sally Burkhart at Couth Buzzard, 5/8/15. Video Claudia Schmidt at Couth Buzzard, 4/19/15Hank & Claire, Everett Library, 4/19/15Seumas Gagne at Couth Buzzard, 4/10/15J.W. McClure & Thaddeus Spae at Couth Buzzard, 3/13/15Crònan at Couth Buzzard, 2/13/15Musicians Showcase at Couth Buzzard, 1/9/15 Tina, Alice Howe, Drunken Maidens Julie Mainstone with Kat Eggleston and Wally Bell at Couth Buzzard, 12/12/14Pint & Dale at Everett Library, 11/16/14Small Potatoes at Couth Buzzard, 11/15/14Adam Miller at Couth Buzzard, 11/14/14Curtis & Loretta  at Couth Buzzard, 10/10/14Kate MacLeod & Kat Eggleston at Everett Public Library, 10/5/14Kate MacLeod at the Couth Buzzard, 9/12/14The Fire Inside at the Couth Buzard, 8/8/14Salmonfeathers at Couth Buzzard, 7/11/14Molly Bauckham at Couth Buzzard, 6/13/14Squirrel Butter at the Everett Public Library, 5/18/14Piper Stock Hill at the Couth Buzzard, 5/9/14Dale Russ & Michael Saunders at the Couth Buzzard, 4/11/14Tania Opland & Mike Freeman Everett Public Library, 3/23/14The Quiet American at the Couth Buzzard, 3/14/14 Watch videos here, here and here Kate Power & Steve Einhorn at Everett Public Library, 3/2/14 Watch some videos Choroloco at Couth Buzard, 2/14/14Steve Cheseborough at Couth Buzzard, 1/10/14Reggie Miles at Couth Buzzard, 12/13/13Max DeBernardi & Veronica Sbergia at Couth Buzzard, 11/8/13; watch videos here and here Sarah Comer & David Cahn at Everett Public Library, 10/20/13Carolyn Cruso at Couth Buzzard, 10/11/13Dan Levenson at Couth Buzzard, 10/3/13Underground Swing at Couth Buzzard, 9/13/13Hank & Claire at Couth Buzzard, 8/9/13Low Tide Drifters at Couth Buzzard, 7/12/13

Mary Flower at Couth Buzzard, 6/14/13Pretty Little Feet at Everett Library, 5/19/13Martha Gallagher at Couth Buzzard, 5/12/13Murph & Middaugh at Couth Buzzard, 4/12/13Small Potatoes at Couth Buzzard, 3/8/13Morgan & Graves at Couth Buzzard, 2/8/13Tania Opland & Mike Freeman at Everett Public Library, 1/27/13Choro Tocando at Couth Buzzard, 1/11/13Aaron Keim at Couth Buzzard, 12/14/12Jaspar Lepak at Couth Buzzard, 11/9/12, video Bob Nelson at Everett Public Library, 11/4/12, video Sarah Comer & Bill Meyer at the Everett Public Library, 10/28/12Debra Cowan at the Couth, 10/5/12The Wanderers at Everett Public Library, 9/23/12Curtis & Loretta at the Couth, 9/14/12Eleanor Ellis at the Couth, 8/10/12Pretty Little Feet at the Couth, 7/13/12Alice Stuart at the Couth, 6/8/12Squirrel Butter at Everett Public Library, 5/20/12Heidi Muller at Couth, 5/11/12Reggie Miles, Bob Nelson, John Weiss at Everett Public Library, 4/22/12Canote Brothers at Couth Buzzard, 4/13/12Tania Opland at Everett Library, 3/25/12Underground SwingUnderground Swing at Couth Buzzard, 3/9/12Molly Bauckham at Couth Buzzard, 2/10/12, videosKate MacLeod & Kat Eggleston Couth Buzzard, 1/13/12Lindsay Street at Couth Buzzard, 12/9/11, videos Choroloco at Couth Buzzard, 11/11/11Debra Cowan, House Concert, 11/4/11Dana & Susan Robinson at Couth Buzzard, 10/28/11Bob Nelson & Stew Hendrickson at the Couth Buzzard, 10/14/11Eddie McGehee at the Couth Buzzard, 9/23/11CathyBritell, William Limbach, Mike Greenleaf at the Couth Buzzard, 9/9/11Ginny Reilly, Couth Buzzard, 8/12/11

Low Tide Drifters, Couth Buzzard, 7/8/11, Videos Jed Marum, Couth Buzzard, 6/24/11Cafe Oy Vey, Couth Buzzard, 6/10/11

Rose Laughlin with Kat Eggleston at the Couth Buzzard, 5/13/11, Videos Reggie Miles at Everett Public Library, 4/17/11, videos Gloria Darlings at Couth Buzzard, 4/8/11, videos Pint & Dale at Everett Public Library, 3/20/11Squirrel Butter at the Couth Buzzard, 3/11/11Tania Opland & Mike Freeman at the Community
Performing Arts Theater, Everett 2/20/11British Isles Traditional Music “Hoot”
at Couth Buzzard Books, 2/11/11Orville Murphy & Jerry Middaugh
at the Everett Library, 1/23/11Matt Moeller & JW McClure
at Couth Buzzard, 1/14/11 videosHank Payne & Claire Favro
at Couth Buzzard Books, 12/10/10David Perasso & Chris Roe at
Couth Buzzard Books, 11/12/10 Video

Tania Opland & Mike Freeman at
Couth Buzzard Books, 10/8/10Charley Groth & Carl Allen
House Concert, 9/24/10Morgan & Graves at
Couth Buzzard Books, 9/10/10 VideosPint & Dale at Couth Buzzard, 8/13/10 VideosOrville Murphy & Jerry Middaugh at
Couth Buzzard Books, 7/9/10 VideosJillian & Jim Graham / Mireille Gotsis &
James Lucal at Couth Buzzard
Books, 6/11/10, VideosJW Sparrow at Couth Buzzard Books
5/14/10, VideosCarolyn Cruso at the Wayward, 4/9/10
VideosSarah & Emmett Comer at the
Everett Public Library, 3/21/10 – Video

The Cruzers & The Unpaid Bills
at the Wayward, 3/12/10 – Videos

Joe Hickerson house concert, 3/5/10

JW McClure with Thaddeus Spae
at the Wayward, 2/12/10 – Videos

Kate Powers & Steve Einhorn
House Concert, 2/6/10

Smalltime String Band – Videos
and Squirrel Butter – Videos
at the Wayward Coffeehouse, 1/8/10

Hankster & The Lovely Claire at the
Wayward Coffeehouse, 12/11/09, VideosJohn Weiss and Michael Guthrie at the
Everett Public Library, 11/15/09Watch The Sky at the
Wayward Coffeehouse, 11/13/09, VideosDown The Road at the
Wayward Coffeehouse, 10/9/09. Videos

The Forget Me Nots/Bob & Sheldon
Wayward Coffeehouse, 9/11/09
VideosEliza Jane Manoff & Kim Ruehl
Wayward Coffeehouse 8/14/09

Dan Carollo at Wayward Coffeehouse
July 10, 2009 – Videos

Ginny Reilly at Wayward Coffeehouse
June 12th, 2009.Canote Brothers at Wayward Coffeehouse
May 8th, 2009 – VideosBill Rose, Doug Reymore & Jim Portillo
Everett Public Library, 4/19/09 – VideosMike & Val James – Videos
Coffeehouse Concert, 4/10/09

Mary Grider, Ken Cofield, Lynn Graves,
Bob Morgan at the Everett Public
Library, 3/15/09 – VideosRose Laughlin & Sarah Comer – Videos
Coffeehouse Concert, 3/13/09Cindy Mangsen & Steve Gillette
House Concert, 3/7/09Orville Murphy & Jerry Middaugh
video1   video2
Everett Public Library 2/15/09 Alan Ehrlich    Michael Guthrie
video1 video2 video1 video2
Coffeehouse Concert 2/13/09Alice Stuart at Wayward Coffeehouse 1/09/09
videos and audio

 Stew Hendrickson   Whateverly Brothers
video-1   video-2               video
Coffeehouse Concert -12/12/08 Paul Michel & Sally Rose
Coffeehouse Concert – 11/14/08
video-1   video-2Holdstock & MacLeod
House Concert – 10/19/08

Orville Murphy      Mick Knight
video                        video-1 video-2
Wayward Coffeehouse 10/10/08 Bob Nelson          John Weiss      Randall Walker
Videos from Crown Hill Bistro 9/12/08Nancy Quense, Bob Nelson, Jerry Middaugh
Videos from Everett Library 8/03/08 MikeNelson        Chris Roe
Videos from Everett Public Library 7/20/08Stewart Hendrickson S.Hendrickson B.Hendrickson   Jillian Graham
Videos from Everett Public Library 7/13/08ChiliPalooza08-Alan&Isla.jpgChiliPalooza08-Betty2.jpgChiliPalooza08-Morgan&Graves.jpgChiliPalooza08-Tamara.jpgChiliPalooza08-WhateverlyBros1.jpgHaller Lake Arts Council Chili Palooza
PNWFS Music Stage 6/22/08Zeke&Flip.jpgZeke Hoskin, Flip Breskin
at Everett Public Library 6/01/08LynnBobChris-Library-5-09-08sm.jpgLynn Graves, Bob Morgan, Chris Roe
at The Library Cafe 5/09/ Miles, Bob Nelson
at Everett Public Library 5/04/08Reggie@HouseConcert-05-03-08sm.jpgReggie Miles at House Concert 5/03/08ChickJimBillKaffeShachor-4-11-08sm.jpgIsla&AlanKaffeShachor-4-11-08sm.jpgJim Portillo, Isla Ross, Alan Kausal
at Kaffe Shachor 4/11/08VanNorstrands.jpgVanNorstrands House Concert 11/18/07JedMarum.jpgJed Marum House Concert 6/24/07

October 21, 2007 –
Jeff Warner House Concert
October 14, 2007 – Bob Nelson & Don Firth Concert (Central Lutheran Church)
April 1, 2007 – Bob Nelson House Concert