Pacific Northwest Songs

Anymore – Harry Stamper
Apple Pickers Reel – Larry Hanks

Are You From Bevan – Phil Thomas
As Long As The Grass Shall Grow
– Twilo Scofield
Astoria Bar
Mary Garvey
Away Idaho
– Frank French
Ballad of Giddings’ Fall– Bob Clark
Ballad of Harry Orchard – traditional
Ballad of the Merry Ferry – Emma Rounds/John Dwyer
Big Red’s Saloon – Mary Garvey
Bring the Salmon Home – Mary Garvey
Britannia Mine
– Paddy Graber
Cannery Row – Tim Wittman
Chehalis – Mary Garvey/Richard Baker
Clamshell Line – Matt Moeller
Cle Elum Girl
– Nancy-Lu Patterson
Coos County Blues – Harry Stamper
Copper Mountain Raise – Paddy Graber
Cranberry – Mary Garvey
Degrading Tale of 1970 – Paddy Graber
Emma and May – Linda Allen
Frozen Jogger – David Spalding & John Dwyer
Frozen Logger – James Stevens
Harry Bridges – Harry Stamper
Haul on the Anchor Chain – J. W. Sparrow
Helga Estby – Linda Allen
Hope-Princeton Slide – Paddy Graber
Kettle Valley Line – Ean Hay & Stan Triggs
Little Old Log Cabin On My Claim – Pacific Northwest words by Paul Ashford
Meg of the Cowlitz – Mary Garvey
Mermaid and the Skindiver – Stan James
New Hope Cafe – Matt Moeller
Northwest Gal – Susy McAleer
Notice to Mariners – John Dwyer
Ode to Puget Sound – Carlton Fitchett
Ode to the Enchantress – Tim Wittman
Old Fisherman – Bob Nelson
Old Settler – words by Francis Henry
Oystershell Road – Mary Garvey
Pleasant & Delightful Seattle – Susy McAleer
Rivers of Washington – Mary Garvey
Rose City Flyer – Percy Hilo
Rosie the Riveter, Revisited – Linda Allen
Ryo Yei Maru – J. W. Sparrow
San Juan Pig– John Dwyer
Shake Rats – Ana Green
Song of the Sockeye – Ross Cumbers/Phil Thomas
Star of Bannack – Traditional
Stella – Mary Garvey
Sweet Wawona – Tim Wittman
Tie It Up and Let It Rot – Mary Garvey
Tugboat – Mary Garvey
Washaway Beach – Mary Garvey
Washington, Washington – Joseph Vinikow and Glenn Arthur Hughes
Wawona – Stan James
We Just Come To Work Here – Harry Stamper
Wellington Avalanche – Allan Hirsch

A  project to collect and present songs that relate to the history, people, and places of the Pacific Northwest. We welcome your comments and suggestions – email us.