A WORD FROM YOUR DIRECTOR (3), by Stewart Hendrickson

Dear Friends, I hope you are all safe and well, and getting along in these troubled times. There will be no more live concerts until we are safely through this pandemic. PNW Folklore will go quiet, but not disappear. We will be back. The NW HOOT will continue as long as we have articles to publish, and our main website will be there with all its interesting information. We all miss live concerts, informal jams, and, most of all, the community we have developed at the Couth and elsewhere. A lot of this music activity has gone online with Zoom, YouTube, and other technological developments. We have become more tech-savvy, but long to interact live again in the real world.
In this time of pandemic, art has taken a big hit. No more live concerts. No more open galleries to show old and new art. Music, dance, and drama organizations may fold for lack of support, but new ones will arise to take their place. An old piece of art may be lost, but something new will appear. Writers will always find something to write about. Art is a human endeavor, it comes from within, and will arise wherever humans prevail. The arts will survive.
Thank you for your support. I look forward to seeing all of you again when our live concerts resume.
Stewart Hendrickson

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