APRIL/MAY, 2020 – Vol. 12, No. 4

Bryan Bowers / autoharp              Bryan Bowers / mando

The Past Concert featured Bryan Bowers on Feb. 17. This issue features A Word From Your Director, and a new article,  Vinyl Recordings – Back in the Groove, by Stewart Hendrickson. The Upcoming Concert at the Couth Buzzard will feature Claudia Schmidt on June 14. Every 2nd Saturday at the Couth Buzzard from noon – 1:30 pm, Stew’s Folk Music Corner will feature tunes, songs, and community singing. The Events page lists some great concerts through the next few months. Keep tuned and revisit the NW HOOT as new articles may appear along with a new video of the week. We are still looking for more writers for the NW HOOT (send us your ideas and articles).

What the World Needs Now – for Virtual Orchestra

Just a little something to brighten your day. What started as an idea on my flight home from college ended in a collaboration with some of the most incredible people. I couldn’t be more grateful. Please share to help us promote positivity and optimism while we need it most. 💜 “What the World Needs Now” Music by Burt Bacharach, Lyrics by Hal David for Virtual Orchestra.

A WORD FROM YOUR DIRECTOR (2) by Stewart Hendrickson

Recently my life has taken a major new turn. This began with placing my wife in memory care last November at Aegis Living at Rodgers Park in Queen Anne (Seattle). Our large 4-bedroom, 3-bath house seemed too much for me, so I bought a condo in Ballard (Seattle), emptied the old house and put it on the market for sale. This consumed all of my energy for almost three months (the house is now sold!), and I am adjusting to a new life. Needless to say, I have had little energy or time for the Pacific Northwest Folklore Society. Now the corona virus (COVID-19) has added new complications. Continue reading “A WORD FROM YOUR DIRECTOR (2) by Stewart Hendrickson”


In the 1960s I built a beautiful walnut stereo cabinet, complete with turntable, amplifier, storage for LP records, and state-of-art Advent speakers. Then when CDs arrived in the 1980s I bought my first CD player and started buying CDs instead. The stereo system fell into disuse and became just a nice piece of furniture. I recently downsized into a condo and was happy to find that the old stereo cabinet just fit in the living room – I didn’t have to get rid of it. The old CD player in the cabinet quit working, so I resurrected the old vinyl system. I still had a large collection of LPs, which I had resisted throwing out, and started playing them after years of disuse. The result was astounding! I discovered sound vastly superior to that of CDs, and the joy of really listening to music. Continue reading “VINYL RECORDINGS – BACK IN THE GROOVE, by Stewart Hendrickson”


It sounds like some kind of game, but “kinesthetic” refers to learned movement that becomes automatic. I’ve been writing about it for years. It’s the result of consistent and focused practice; the point at which a specific sequence of movements becomes a kinesthetic habit is the point at which you can feel the effort decrease, the flow of the music improve, the ability to play expressively increase, and you get the feeling that your movements are on “autopilot”. Professionals know all about this, and it’s at this point and beyond that music playing becomes the lovely thing that makes music playing look easy. Continue reading “CAN YOU LEARN MUSIC KINESTHETICALLY, by Laurie Riley”

CELEBRATE WINTER, by Stewart Hendrickson

When I grew up in Southern California I had no idea of seasons. Aside from the fact that there was no rain from May through September, and some rain in the other months, we had no weather, only climate. It wasn’t until I moved to Illinois for graduate school, and later lived twenty-eight years in Minnesota and twenty-three years now in Seattle, that I learned to appreciate the seasons. Although my favorite season is summer, the other seasons remind me that life is cyclical. The inexorable turn of the year with its different seasons reminds me that life also changes. Each decade is different as we move from youth to old age. Continue reading “CELEBRATE WINTER, by Stewart Hendrickson”