August/September, 2018 – Vol 10, No. 6

Pinniped       Hank & Claire

The Past Concerts featured Pinniped on June 8, and Hank & Claire on July 13. This issue features a new article: Elijah Wald – Folk Musician, Writer, Ethnomusicologist, by Stewart Hendrickson; and a Note From Your Director. The Upcoming Concert at the Couth Buzzard will feature Curtis & Loretta on Friday, September 14 – there will be no concert in August. On Saturday Sept. 22, at the Couth Buzzard, there will be a celebration of Stew and Betty Hendrickson for their work with the PNWFS. Every 2nd Saturday at the Couth Buzzard from noon – 1:30 pm, Stew’s Folk Music Corner will feature tunes, songs, and community singing. The Events page lists some great concerts through the next few months. Keep tuned and revisit the NW HOOT as new articles may appear along with a new video of the week. We are still looking for more writers for the NW HOOT (send us your ideas and articles). Donations – Help support the Pacific NW Folklore Society. Donations of any amount are welcome – for $20 or more we will send you a free CD: “Songs of the Pacific Northwest“, or “Paddy Graber – The Craic Was Great“. Send a check to Pacific NW Folklore Society, 11720 1st Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98177.  Thank you.

PNW Folklore Society – A Note From Your Director, Stewart Hendrickson

The New Plan for the PNWFS doesn’t seem to be working. It was too bureaucratic, and created more work and stress for me. I am now back to doing what I’ve done in the past. It’s hard to continue running this organization single handed. I still enjoy it, but I need help. Volunteers? We now have some great concerts booked through April, 2019 – see Events – with the exception of January. Our October concert with Tom Berghan and Juba was cancelled due to his moving to Austin, Texas in September. We replaced him with Kate Power & Steve Einhorn – a well-known folk duo from Portland, Oregon. Kate was music director of Dusty Strings Music School from 2013-2014. If any of you have concert ideas and would like to volunteer as a producer/host, please let me know. Stewart Hendrickson, Director, PNWFS

Elijah Wald – Folk Musician, Writer, Ethnomusicologist, by Stewart Hendrickson

Elijah Waldself-described “ramblin’ hobo folksinger”was born in 1959, the son of Nobel Prizewinning biochemist George Wald and Harvard biologist Ruth Hubbard. Opting for a career outside of science and following his heart, he became a folk singer and studied guitar in the 1970s with Dave Van Ronk. In his book, “The Mayor of MacDougal Street,” he captured some of the early Greenwich Village folk scene that inspired the Coen Brothers’ movie “Inside Llewyn Davis.” Beginning at age 18, in the late 1970s and most of the 1980s, he wandered around Europe, Asia, Africa and Central America with his guitar, busking, playing small gigs, and immersing himself in all kinds of folk music. See Elijah Wald, biography. Continue reading “Elijah Wald – Folk Musician, Writer, Ethnomusicologist, by Stewart Hendrickson”

Celebration for Stew & Betty Hendrickson

Special Event, Saturday, Sept. 22, 1-4 pm

Couth Buzzard Books Espresso Buono Cafe

Stewart Hendrickson has been bringing wonderful music to us for many years at the Couth Buzzard. There will be a celebration at the Couth Buzzard to honor the many hours he and Betty have spent booking artists, publishing the NW Hoot (the newsletter of the Pacific Northwest Folklore Society) and hosting concerts. In addition to socializing and the food and drink of the Couth, you’ll get a rare chance to hear some music from Stew himself (and maybe Betty) as they share some stories and favorite folk music. Free admission. A collection will be taken to support the Couth. We hope you can make it.

The Princeton Traditional Music Festival, August 17-19, 2018

The Eleventh Annual Princeton Traditonal Music Festival takes place in Princeton, B.C. Canada this August 17-19. The whole town of Princeton comes out to support the festival. Near-by “locals” come from the Okanagan area, and others come from Vancouver, other parts of B.C., Washington, Oregon and points even further away. The main focus of the festival is the traditional music and folklore of British Columbia, but it also includes traditional music, liberally defined, from other areas. This festival is enhanced by the friendly people and the small-town atmosphere of Princeton.   Continue reading “The Princeton Traditional Music Festival, August 17-19, 2018”

Juba Music – The Earliest Roots of American Popular Music, Part I, by Tom Berghan

Dance Boatman Dance: An early favorite song of the Minstrel Troupes of the Antebellum Period. Attributed to Dan Emmett and Virginia Minstrels. Featuring Banjo, Jawbone, and Singing by Tom Berghan. To play, move cursor to left part of audio player and click.

Juba Music?  What is that?!  It pre-dates ragtime, jazz, blues, hokum,  jugband, hillbilly, country, and in fact most of what we term today as “American Folk Music.” It is from the time we call the Antebellum (before the Civil War, from about 1750 to 1850). Continue reading “Juba Music – The Earliest Roots of American Popular Music, Part I, by Tom Berghan”