February/March, 2019 – Vol. 11, No. 3

Alex Sturbaum          Hank & Claire

The Past Concerts featured Alex Sturbaum on Dec. 14, and  “Pete Seeger: The Man and The Music” with Hank & Claire on Jan. 11. This issue features a new article: Borrowed Tunes and Words, by Stewart Hendrickson; and a Review of the CD, Captain Early – Lindsay Street. Upcoming Concerts at the Couth Buzzard will feature  Small Potatoes on Feb. 8; Brian Bowers on March 8; and Ken Waldman on March 22. Every 2nd Saturday at the Couth Buzzard from noon – 1:30 pm, Stew’s Folk Music Corner will feature tunes, songs, and community singing. The Events page lists some great concerts through the next few months. Keep tuned and revisit the NW HOOT as new articles may appear along with a new video of the week. We are still looking for more writers for the NW HOOT (send us your ideas and articles).

BORROWED TUNES AND WORDS, by Stewart Hendrickson

In 1966 I heard Lu Mitchell, a Dallas singer-songwriter, sing She’s Someone’s Grandmother (The Kugelsburg Bank), her song about a white-haired lady who over many years embezzled millions of dollars from a Texas bank (a true story). It had a lovely tune, which I suspected was not original, but I didn’t know its origin. A few years ago I heard a hammered dulcimer player play it as the traditional tune Bendemeer’s Stream. A little research on the Internet revealed that Thomas Moore (1779-1852) wrote lyrics for this tune as Bendemeer’s Stream. But Moore borrowed the tune from an older Irish air.  Continue reading “BORROWED TUNES AND WORDS, by Stewart Hendrickson”


CAPTAIN EARLY – Lindsay Street, 2018, CDBaby
Lindsay Street, a band from Bellingham, Washington (Robin Elwood, Elizabeth Elton, Patty Chambers, and Jean Rogers) “draws inspiration from past and emerging music traditions that wash up on the shores of Bellingham Bay by way of Ireland, England, Scandinavia and Quebec, with an occasional original tune thrown in the mix.” Described as “pan-Celtic, quirk and beauty,” the band creates unique arrangements that feature accordion, guitar, violin, mandolin, bodhran, banjo, whistles, and other assorted instruments and vocal harmonies. Their third CD, Captain Early, honors their long-time percussionist Bryan Early, who succumbed to a rare cancer in 2014. Continue reading “CD REVIEW – LINDSAY STREET”

NEWMAN LEVY – BARRISTER BARD, by Stewart Hendrickson

Newman Levy

When I was a student at Pomona College (Claremont, CA) in the late 1950s, folk music was just appearing on the scene. A classmate of mine was a little unusual since he was one of the few students who had a beard, sang folk songs and played guitar. One of the songs he sang was Thais, a five-minute humorous synopsis of the opera with witty verses and clever rhymes. With thirteen verses, it is an epic poem set  to music.


One time in Alexandria,
in wicked Alexandria,
Where nights were wild with revelry,
and life was but a game.
There lived, so the report is,
an adventuress and courtesan,
The pride of Alexandria,
and Thais was her name.

Continue reading “NEWMAN LEVY – BARRISTER BARD, by Stewart Hendrickson”