A WORD FROM YOUR DIRECTOR, Stewart Hendrickson

As we begin the twelfth year of the NW HOOT (Vol. 12, No. 1) we have come a long way from our first paper edition (Vol. 1, No. 1, Oct/Nov. 2008). Powered by WordPress, it includes embedded videos and mp3 sound files, hyperlinks, photos and more. While past articles have included those from a number of authors, more recently I have been the only author. I would like to have more contributing authors on subjects relating to music that would be of general interest to our readers. An example of this sort of thing is on the website FolkWorks (click on the link Columns). Please consider contributing articles – contact me here.

My other area of concern is the booking of future Coffeehouse Concerts at the Couth Buzzard. We like to provide a niche for music not commonly heard in the folk music scene around Seattle. While our mission is to promote the more traditional folk music, we view this in a very broad sense. We are particularly interested in bringing local musicians to our stage, but also welcome out-of-area musicians looking for an intimate concert venue not readily available in the Seattle area – see “Bookings – Pacific Northwest Folklore Society.” I find it more difficult to find new artists, both local and from out of town, to bring to our stage at the Couth Buzzard. I encourage and welcome your help in identifying new artists to book. Send me your suggestions here. If we are to continue with a robust series of new and exciting concerts I need your help!  Thank you, Stewart Hendrickson


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