A WORD FROM YOUR DIRECTOR (2) by Stewart Hendrickson

Recently my life has taken a major new turn. This began with placing my wife in memory care last November at Aegis Living at Rodgers Park in Queen Anne (Seattle). Our large 4-bedroom, 3-bath house seemed too much for me, so I bought a condo in Ballard (Seattle), emptied the old house and put it on the market for sale. This consumed all of my energy for almost three months (the house is now sold!), and I am adjusting to a new life. Needless to say, I have had little energy or time for the Pacific Northwest Folklore Society. Now the corona virus (COVID-19) has added new complications.

As you know, our last concert was with Bryan Bowers (repeat performance) in February. We will skip concerts in March and May, so the next two concerts are with Steve James (now cancelled due to COVID-19) in April and Claudia Schmidt in June (but may be cancelled also). We may skip other months if I have no suitable bookings or lack the energy to produce a concert. If you miss having these concerts you need to submit ideas for new bookings and volunteer to produce a concert (with my help, of course). I will continue the PNWFS, although at a reduced pace, and I will continue the NW HOOT to the extent that I can write new articles or can find others to do so.

Now COVID-19 adds a new uncertainty to all of the above. It is bad now and will only get worse – the only question is how bad and for how long. The April concert is cancelled due to the virus, and the June concert is uncertain. For myself, I am becoming concerned. My daughter said recently, “Dad, don’t you know you are 82 years old?” and I replied “yes, I guess you’re right.” I feel well, my health is good, but I am still vulnerable. I am  now “sheltered in place ” in my condo, along with my cat Igor. The Couth Buzzard Bookstore had cancelled all concerts, and is now closed for the duration – that is sad.

Stay safe, love and care for each other, and make music.
Peace, Stewart

4 thoughts on “A WORD FROM YOUR DIRECTOR (2) by Stewart Hendrickson”

  1. Stewart,

    So sorry to hear about Betty, but good to know she will get the care she needs at Aegis. You have been a tremendous inspiration and supporter to so many musicians in our community! Thanks for your passion and commitment to folk. We’ll get through this COVID crisis and back to playing in other-than-virtual settings. But for now, rest with Igor, play a few tunes and be well. We’ll need your energy on the other side of all this!

  2. Howdy Stew!
    I am missing you and our singing time together. I am relieved you are sequestered with dear Igor, and that you are finished dealing with your house. What an effort!! We will continue to love and support each other for the duration.

    *Make Art (Music),
    Not War!*

    Your friend always,
    Corinna Johnson

  3. Hi Stew, We’re so glad you found a good place for Betty, and got settled in your new condo before the corona virus took ahold of the world. So glad you are both well and safe. I’m sending you good energy, and look forward to seeing you next year!! This craziness won’t last forever!! … Curtis & Loretta

  4. Hi, Stewart.
    I’m sorry to hear about Betty, but I’m glad you found a good place for her.
    I’ve not been to many concerts. The notices come to my Gmail account, which I never remember to check, and the concerts are past when I learn about them. If you could send to judi@writeguru.com, I’d get the notices in a timely manner.
    Since I’ve not been to many of the concerts, I hate to volunteer to help produce, but I might be able to help out a bit once COVID-19 is past, but I want to be sure it is truly past. I’m not willing to take any risk with the virus. I’m also a senior–and hence vulnerable.
    ~Judi Gibbs

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